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Prevention of skin damage from sun exposure

Take care of your skin because in future, feeling good matters

Cosmetic damage

Pigment disturbances

Freckles melasma

Sun spots

Red veins

Thread veins



Fine lines & wrinkles

Crows feet

Frown lines ect.

Enjoy the sunbathing carelessly!

Quick precancerous damage prevention treatments

Treat the first signs with our special treatment

Actinic keratosis

First visible signs of skin cancer

Crusty thickening of the skin on the sun exposes sites

Can evolve into skin cancer


Liquid therapy freezes the sun skin. Treated sites become inflammed, red and may blister. The individual lesions become destroyed. Usually heal within a week without scarring or infection. For longer blisters, bursts we apply antiseptic cream and plaster.

Prevention of precancerous skin damage

Remove & take care of earliest signs of possibility, early action matters

Photodynamic Therapy

Personalizing drug applied to entire area of damage

Sun damaged cells targeted & destroyed

Can clean skin of actinic keratoses

Reduces risk of cancer developing within the treated area

Cosmetic improvement (fresher, more youthful skin)

Cancer skin opacity

  • Non-melanoma (basal cell carcinoma – BCC) – 80%

  • Non-melanoma (squamous cell carcinoma) – 16%

  • Melanoma – 4%


  • Out patient procedure
  • Safe and well tolerated
  • Treats individual lesions & background damage
  • Reduces risk of developing skin cancer in treated area
  • Cosmetic improvement in appearance


  • Skin is light sensitive for 48 hours
  • Redness and mild peeling occur the first two to tree days
  • Occasional severe sun burn like reaction . Resolves within one to two weeks and usually gives excellent results.

Taking care of your skin in early stage is wise!

Please contact for all further information or to make appointment, we would be glad to help you

Personalizing drug applied to entire area of damage

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